ct·studio: a creative agency specialized in surface design.
Whether it be on clothes, wallpapers or notebooks, patterns are everywhere! And it is the surface designer’s mission and passion to create new ones to adorn your day-to-day items.

Based in Montreal, ct·studio was born from the meeting of three surface designers with eclectic styles: Vicky André, Audrey Fortin and Lucie Leroux. From France to Canada, their unique styles explore illustration, textures and lines with an always evolving creativity.



ct·studio: a passion for patterns.

Creating patterns is a savoir-faire.
And that is why ct·studio aims to showcase the expertise and creativity of passionate surface designers. From placements to seamless repeat patterns, ct·studio offers a range of artistically charged designs with an attention to detail and style.

Furthermore, to facilitate the experience of purchasing digital patterns for professionals, ct·studio brings together the creativity and technical knowledge of talented designers with a strong graphic identity to offer exclusive and ready-to-use designs for every industry.

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